Paul Robeson Institute for Positive Self-Development Application 2018-2019

Consent to Participate and Release 2018-2019

CBMM: Forging new ground with robust civic engagement

Committed to  preparing urban youth, CBMM is  committed to our community and our youth.



The Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts (CBMM) was established in 1989

For over 24 years the CBMM has sponsored the development, operation and execution of the Paul Robeson Institute for Positive Self-Development (PRI).  PRI provides a stable and consistent environment in which boys can count on interacting with Black male volunteers who provide a dependable counter to the Black male role models that often intermittently slide in and out of their lives. PRI students come to depend on the fact that every Saturday they will be mentored by compassionate, loving Black men who model how a successful fulfilling life can be built on being well behaved, respectful, playing by the rules and being intellectually curious.

Wonderful Programs
young black and brown males
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 Improving the quality of life for our youth!

We believe that our students are capable of making positive choices that lead to productive lives.


Since its inception, CBMM has been active in the above stated mission and has been recognized widely for its efforts.  We have established a number of programs and initiatives that seek to effectively impact various communities via a holistic (academic, physical, spiritual) approach to service delivery.