Board Of Directors and Officers

President – Thomas Stephens
Vice President – Ray Blount
Acting Treasurer – Ernest E. Washington, Jr.
Recording Secretary – Darren T. Wells
Corresponding Secretary – Angelo Paul

Committee Chairmen


Frederick  L. Johnson — Chair
Durrell Fox — Co-chair

Develops and presents to the Executive Committee and general body on long-term program growth and changes; Develop outcomes and goals upon reviewing previous results of programming and assessment; Garner resources and partnerships for evaluation purposes, research best practices, and connect to community, civic, and corporate entities to support PRI’s programming.



George Luse – Chair

Establishes and maintains long range fundraising strategies and budgets, which may include aspirational fundraising targets, recurring program outlays, and longer term funding structures such as a program operating fund, a scholarship fund, and/or an endowment fund; Participate in researching available grants, writing grant proposals and other aspects of obtaining financial support for identified programs; Solicits private, individual, and corporate support through personal meetings and other outreach methods; Assists the Executive Committee with other fundraising or budget issues as they may arise from time to time.


Marketing and Public Relations

Robert “Smokey” Montgomery– Chair

Develop key strategic goals and partnerships to publicize PRI and increase awareness of the program and disseminate goals and results to stakeholders and potential new stakeholders; Support PRI’s annual unity breakfast, assisting CBMM Members to produce high quality publicity and attendance in congruence with CBMM’s mission; Develop, review and edit printed marketing tools to promote PRI to various stakeholders, including logos, banners, newsletters, and apparel; Develop, review and/or advise edits for web-based marketing tools to promote PRI to various stakeholders, including website, email newsletters, social networking sites, online “presence,” and online fundraising tools.