Mentoring and guiding our young males!

We believe that our students are capable of making positive choices that lead to productive lives.  We do not believe that poverty or racial discrimination are insurmountable barriers to success.  We believe that with positive mentorship by successful and concerned Black men, and exposure to alternative positive concepts, strategies and opportunities, our students will make choices that will enable them to thrive as individuals and as leaders in our community.

Recognizing that parents are vital to the development of young men, PRI also embraces parents and encourages their participation in the program whenever possible.  As a result, parents come to trust the commitment of the program to the well-being of their sons and depend on PRI volunteers to provide advice to them when working through problems with their sons.  When necessary, PRI volunteers always working in pairs will often facilitate problem solving sessions between parents and sons during Saturday sessions or during the week through home visits.

PRI Parent A Owens: I would like to reinforce what I have taught my son about being a positive black man; to respect himself and others and to be determined at whatever he wishes to do in life in a positive manner..