Paul Robeson Institute for Positive Self-Development (PRI)

Rooted in the principles of positive self-enrichment, for over 25 years the PRI program equips young black males with the necessary attributes to enhance school performance and to become models of inspiration for African American youth within the larger landscape of The City of Boston and Greater Boston areas.  PRI educates young men of color in the areas of accountability, personal goal setting and leadership development.  The program is designed to inspire youth to become leaders through a process of identification of personal dreams or goals, but also how to systematically build an action plan that will leverage resources to support the overarching goal of improving the quality of life in the black community by reaffirming the viability of the black male.

PRI members represent a range of academic achievement and proficiency, based on grade level and learning disabilities.  Although PRI is not a formalized tutoring program, the program possesses an embedded component that provides young men with various forms of STEM disciplined assistance.  Moreover, PRI promotes life skills training, a skillset that is often considered essential for being successful in the areas of academics, social development and citizenship.  Similarly, PRI provides youth with a framework to increase self-esteem, which is a notable support characteristic that aids in the learning process.   For the purpose of learning, the PRI curriculum has been designed as a working framework to support the aforementioned areas of youth development.

Traditionally, PRI serves students attending mostly Boston Public Schools throughout The City of Boston.  However, PRI also has member students attending public schools in the Greater Boston area.  PRI members are comprised of three (3) distinct groups; high school students (“D2”), middle school students (“Boys 2 Men”) and the elementary school students (“PRI Academy”).  Each group is assigned two (2) leader mentors, service under and at the direction of two (2) program Co-Directors.  PRI, through open enrollment, welcomes young men of color ranging in age from 7-19.  The majority of PRI members are racially identified as “black and brown youth” and categorically classified as low-income.  However, PRI welcomes members, as defined by CBMM as boys of color.  Under the supervision of program leaders and members of CBMM, PRI youth, on average, receive over 100 hours annually of training, teaching/tutoring, skills and personal development techniques.  Additionally, embedded in the 104 hours of programming is a learning curriculum designed to assist PRI youth with improving academics, obtaining leadership skills and demonstrating citizenship. CBMM’s members and volunteers dedicate themselves each week to running this Saturday mentoring program for more than 120 boys, which focuses on academics, recreation, and personal development.

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